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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the program?

A: The program is 11 weeks didactics/lab plus 120 hours of externship.  Please also see our main page under "Program Costs/Eligibility/Requirements".

Q:  Do you accept federal Pell Grants for payment?

A: Federal Pell Grants are administered by the United States Department of Education (DOE).  The DOE determines which institutions are or are not eligible.  They maintain a list of approved and participating institutions.  Please direct your question to them to receive the most current and accurate answer.

Q: How can I qualify for this school?

A:  Minimum qualifications for Suncoast Career Academy are (1) be 18 years or older and (2) have a valid High School or GED Diploma.

Q:  Do I have to quit my job to attend Suncoast Career Academy?

A:  No, not necessarily.  It depends on the individual situation.  To avoid placing our students in a situation to make that difficult decision we offer evening and weekend classes.  We also are flexible with our externship requirements by allowing maximum amount of time to complete the externship with a choice of on-site or off-site locations.

Q:  Are my credits transferable?

A:  That depends on the receiving institution; it is best to check with the receiving Dental Assistant school first.

Q: How much is the tuition?

A: Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.  As of October 19, a non-refundable registration is $100.00; tuition is $3,500.00; and textbook/workbooks are approximately $190.00 total. A uniform is required and not included in the tuition/registration fees.

Q: Do you offer tuition assistance?

A:  SCA does not offer tuition assistance (TA).  Students can use TA, grants or scholarships if they are issued directly to the student or SCA.

Q: Can I use my military GI bill?

A: Yes, SCA is acceptable for the post 911 GI bill.  We can assist eligible members to apply for that benefit.

Q: Is Suncoast Career Academy an approved school?

A: Yes.  SCA is licensed by the Florida Department of Education, Commission on Independent Education -- License #6044.  Our school is also approved for Dental Radiography & EFDA training by the Florida Board of Dentistry.